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Nobody Knows (George Willard's Wacky Sexual Adventure) (tentative title))

Step 1: Choosing the Story

The story I will adapt is from Sherwood's Winesburg, Ohio and is titled "Nobody Knows". It deals with a young man, George, nervously embarking on his first sexual encounter and how he gains confidence as he goes along. A particular excerpt I enjoy is when George assures Louise that "... it’ll be all right. There won’t be anyone know anything. How can they know?" Throughout this story, George transforms from a nervous young man to a confident, lusting man, and he uses his newfound confidence to have his way with the girl. Though George feels like a real man after having sex, a part of him is still nervous at the end of the story. 

My adaptation will focus primarily on George's transformation throughout the story, since I believe that his character change will be interesting to see. Also, this is a good story to adapt because there are points where the author just writes "they talked" and I can use some creativity to fill the conversations with actual human words. 

I plan on beginning with George in his office, reading over the letter from Louise. Then he will finally work up the courage to embark on the adventure over to her home. I want to make George a sympathetic character that people (especially young men like myself) can relate to. Since the story takes place in the early 20th century, I guess I should really work on dialogue and how people back then talked!

Step 2: The Final Draft

Here is the last draft of "Nobody Knows". I hope all enjoy it. I'm late to the party so I doubt I'll get the likes but it's still cool to have people read it and leave some feedback. Don't be too cruel, please! 


Step 3: The Logline 

Young George Willard embarks on an adventure to lose his virginity, despite his own nerves and innocence often getting in the way. 


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