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Nobody Calls It "Beantown"

Hey Everyone,

This project is still a work in process. My name is Miles (@milesbergs)  I grew up in the western end of Massachusetts. So, if you talk to folks in Boston they think I come from the middle ages. I've taken to being a Bostonian quite well, but don't tell them I'm an outsider.

Editing Style

When I edit I try to go for a distinct style that I am still working on. Most call in Cine or Cinematic, so whichever you prefer. The goal is to make the photo look like you have paused your Blu-Ray player at home and taken a still directly from the screen. So, it does have the same "filmic" quality that VSCO offers, but I tend to treat each picture as an individual film. The only feature they all share is they are cropped at the same aspect ratio. 

Look Up

The Federal Reserve Bank of Boston sits just outside of South Station and sits at 32 stories tall, built by  Hugh Stubbins & Associates. 

This is remincisent of films along the lines of The Raid and Judge Dredd. 

Street Portrait

I saw this gentleman on the T and he seemed lost in his own thoughts. Almost as if he had a lot on his mind and his music is his escape. I personally love the T...well people watching on the T. I threw my camera and into live view to snap this one. 


As any good city slicker, I use public transit to get everywhere. This was taken at the Downtown Crossing T Stop in Boston. I was taking pictures of this guy just moments before and heard the train coming and kept snapping. Low and behold I hit the sweet spot between two car and was able to get him into the frame.


This is the street I currently call home, in the middle of winter storm Juno. I think it does need some more work, but am not totally sure what to do ( I'm open to suggestions )


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