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Noble Zombie

Muahaha... as it's October, I went for a horror-ish theme... Noblewoman turned zombie.

Your thoughts are much appreciated. :)

Without further ado:


Thanks guys for your input! <3

So I've chosen some thumbnails to develop further:

Stick figures to get the anatomy right:

(*cough*, mostly)

And refining.

What Charlie said is totally true, the big brushes make unplanned bumps and splatters that lead to ideas I never had on my own! Heh. Neat.

Well, that's it for now. Not too fond of #4, who somehow turned Elvis-girl. But the others.. mhh. Any preferences? 

Any toughts are appreciated, I want to push this, so don't be afraid to give critique! <3


Uh-oh. Turns out I'm not much of a costume designer. :)

Have to do more research. Anyway, pose and head-wise I think maybe 3 or 4...?


Finished? :)


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