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Noah's Lost Arc (Sketchbook Project cover)

April 29

I decided to dedicate my project to the cover of my sketchbook for The Sketchbook Project ( I find inspiration in animals, tattoos, and nature. When I was filling up my sketchbook, I envisioned an alternate world where animals resembled ones in our world - but with various surreal twists and strange quarks. I called it, Noah's Lost Arc. Now that it's completed, I need an enticing cover that reflects the artwork on the inside. I think hand lettering will look awesome on the cover of my sketchbook and am excited to get started!

- My sketchbook will be digitized in the near future but I have some images on my tumblr:

Brainstorming list:

animals / tattoos / surrealism / pattern / dreams / plants / emotion / symmetry / color / symbolism / line / graphic / vintage labels / mid-century / beer coasters

Mood board:


Thanks for checking my project out! I will update it along the way!

++ Update April 30 ++

Here is my letting warm up. I picked "Noah's" to start with and played around with the following styles:

script / fancy serif / ornate / curved / in a shape.


I'm really liking the bottom three. Drawing in the circle was interesting squeezing and pulling the letters around to make it work.

It feels good just to get some things on the page! I really have no experience in the art of hand lettering so I am excited to see where the rest of the class takes me!

++ Update May 10 ++

After I did my thumbnail sketches and studied them, I decided that I wanted a composition that was fairly simple but still eye-catching:


Onto a larger sketch:


I liked balancing the first and last word with similar lettering and the detail in the N and A play nicely together. I don't like the bottom shape though. The focus should be on the title. 

So now I have my general layout but the negative space is all wrong... I did my next sketch on tracing paper in case I liked it better the first way.

Here I filled in some of the negative space by moving the letters in, but the N and O are sitting very awkwardly:


Now the letters in Noah's are not standing up correctly.:


With the help of some guides, I am looking better:


The O was bothing me because it felt cramped. Making it a little shorter and changing the top of the N did the trick I think! Since this my sketchbook that people will be able to read, I figured my name should be on the cover. 


I am really happy with how this project is coming along. Now I just need to center my drawing and decide if I want a border around the whole thing and I can move onto the new steps! Of course, now that I am looking at this in a new perspective on this post, I am going to tweak LOST. The bottom of the L is too straight.

++ Update May 25 ++

Here is the final version of my drawing, which I drew onto the cover of my sketchbook. I learned a lot in this class and loved looking at everyone's projects!



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