Leon Bolwerk

Graphic designer and illustrator




Hi there,

First of all, Patrick, I'm a total fan of your work. Your work for GTA always seem to amaze me in a way that I begin drawing myself and end up with lame sketches! I pretty much like all of your work, from GTA, to the Spider-man vs. Venom layout and especially Tony Montana ;).

I posted one item on Deviant Art a long time, so I'm going to refer to my website. it's a collection of some illustrations I've done over the last year and a half. I've been drawing pretty much my whole life, but last year I've been creating stuff more ofter so see an immense of growth here.

So check it out if you like: http://www.leonbolwerk.nl

The character I'm going to show you has been bugging me for quite a long time. I like superheroes very much, but since I'm a sci-fi fan as well I will give away some of the story and character design I've been creating the last 6 months.

The story is called NoX, which revolves around a guy in his teen years. His name is Alec. He knew his parents because the last memory with their abduction has been stored in his mind. He's known to be THE child of one of the best race of portal bounty hunters that exist. Born with which seems to be a scar on his eye, he can create a portal from his mind to create a pathway to these dimensions and carry on his goal to find his parents. Even if he has to kill... Thus commences the plot twist with dimension hopping :).

This is "sort-of" the synopsis of the story and would love to work it out! I'm thinking of creating a poster with Alec in front of it facing some intergalactic demons or some friends that help him with his battle. Would you like to help him find his parents? As time goes by, I will update with new images!

Edit: I did some fighting stance poses for the piece I'm making. I really like the pose with the bow. Let me know what you think!

Edit 24-12: So.. I did a quick line trace of the bow pose with the character design of Nox. Let me know what you think, would love to see your opinion and feedback on it!

Hope you like it and I would love to see what you all come up with!



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