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My name is Steve Meier, and I live in North Hollywood, just over the hill from Los Angeles, Ca.  You can find me on IG as Steve_Meier or Flickr at Lost4Now.   I really enjoy getting out with other people and shooting pictures.  If you're in the Valley or LA Area, message me....lets shoot!!  I am shooting with a Nikon d3100 and adjust photo's in Lightroom 5.  

I decided to base my project on the NoHo Arts District.  

My first shot, A Street Portrait:  I took multiple shots of this woman as she sat out in front of The Federal Bar.  The closer shots were better portraits, but they could have been shot anywhere.  I decided on this wider shot so that I could include the street banners of "NoHo Arts Disctrict."

My next shot, A Look Up.  At first I did not like the nearly white sky in this photo.  Then I fell in love with the simplicity of it.  Then I fell in love with the complexity of it.  Its very hard to tell where the glass ends and the reflections begin:

There is Motion everywhere...what to capture, and why was the difficult part.  The NoHo Arts Disctrict is a hub of public transportation.  It is the Eastern terminus of the Orange Line, and the Northern terminus of the Red Line (our Subway):

Night Photo:  I love nights...and I don't shoot them often enough.  I am using a photo, NOT from the NoHo Arts Disctrict, because you cannot find better night opportunities than Down Town Los Angeles.  This subject is the sole reason my project is being posted now, not weeks ago.  What image do I show!?  I opted for this image, because it does show motion...light trails.  They exist on the streets below, and in the reflections in the building:

I have been shooting digital for a couple of years.  I am really starting to enjoy myself.  I am VERY OPEN TO CRITIQUE of my photo's.  I want to know what I can do better, so I can continue to grow!

Thanks for looking at my pictures...



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