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No one ever drowned in sweat : My plan to continue on the the healthy journey I started one year ago.

Over the last year I have lost 75lbs from 350 to 275 and now at this very moment i'm at 280 because I went out this weekend with friends and had a good time (Hence me getting this uploaded on monday afternoon) I've finally reached a point in my life where I don't beat myself up everytime I can't manage to eat a salad and grilled chicken. I've figured out there is no starting over it's just dusting myself off and keep straight ahead.

My goal over the course of the year is to lose 75lb more  thus bringing me to my first GW I will do this by continuing to use Fitocracy which has been a great help in my weight loss journey.  Teaching me how to do certain exercises that I thought i'd never be able to do because I didn't have a trainer to explain it to me. 


Plan which muscle groups will be represented for each workout on sunday. Days don't have to be filled in because I want to go at least 5x a week the only thing that matters is I do the muscle groups in that order helping to ease the 'what am I going to do at the gym today' problem I find myself having.

Plan out weekly meals on sundays and if possible cook everything.  Finding healthy choices won't be hard and going to the grocery store for healthy food is one of my favorite activites.

Increase intensity ( amount of weight, or #reps) of workouts every three weeks. As well as changing up the actual routine that I do. 


  • Get to level 50 on fitocracy by years end
  • lose 2lbs a week beginning january 20th
  • make workouts fun, but still intense
  • Be as close to 240lbs by august 17,2013 (my birthday) just as a fun milestone
  • Lose 75lb or more if possible by the end of the year but if it doesn't happen don't worry just keep moving forward.
  • clean eating because abs are made in the kitchen not the gym.
  • continue to movtivate myself to do better using tumblr/fitblr and Fitocracy 
  • become a more active community member on Fitocracy
  • besides weighing myself on the scale, take measurements at the beginning and end of each month.
  • Sign up for a 5k (color run), the Zombie run (run for your lives) and/or warrior dash this summer/fall

Summer 2010- Summer 2012

summer 2010- early Summer 2012

remember it didn't take a year or even two to get where I was so it'll be a great adventure to taking it off.


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