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No more time to lose

The hardest part about getting things done is to choose where and how to start. I tend to overthink the details and never get it going.

For instance, I thought about different ways of explaining what I want to accomplish by taking this class. All the examples that came to my mind did not seem to be good enough. So, I thought I could use the time to make some homemade pasta for my friends who will be coming over for diner tomorrow. As a result, I ended up cleaning a massive pile of dishes as soon as the the pasta dough was ready. Then, I started a laundry load, prepared my lunch, etc. Well, I don't need to describe all the other chores that I have been doing, but let's say that during all that time, I was still thinking about what to write in here.

Being productive is not an issue when I don't have to set goals. At work, I find it easy to meet deadlines and work on several layout at the same time. If a friend has a special request that requires my immediate attention, it will be done before they expect it (sewing, drawing, painting, props, flyers, etc). It just seems way easier when it is not my own project.

On the other hand, it is very likely that tasks won't be completed on time if I have to much time to spare. For some reasons, I think it is related to the process I learned studying in Fine Arts. Every steps had to be documented and somehow I am losing myself in this process that never goes further than the exploration stage. Piles of sketches, piece of fabric cut in pieces but never assembled... I even have a serie of painting that have been painted and repainted over and over again. My appartment is to tiny to accumulate unfinished artwork; it is about time that I get things done. 

As you can see by the results of the test, there is enough space for improvement. Let's hope I am not a lost cause!


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