No more procrastination...

Oh the places you'll go...I painted that mural a few years back in the office at my work.  Unfortunately, I never took it to heart.  I need to be in control and held responsible for my actions and my health should be my number one priority.  I am here to make that happen.

Although I am late in posting this (hello procrastinator), I am still going to follow through and think about what my goals should be.  So many of you have such eloquant projects, that I want to make sure mine is as detailed for me...and I mean that - for me.

I am the most important person in my life right now, because if I don't take care of myself, I will never be able to properly take care of the others I try to focus on in my life.  So it's all about me and I will make that the focus of each day.

Right now my weight/size inhibits some of my possiblities, but I will take from others and start with small goals. 

1. Take all of my vitamins daily and figure out how to make this happen in the easiest way possible.

2. Plan...my meals, my exercise, my clothes for work, my snacks for when I want something indulgent.

3. Set dates to spend time with my husband, children, siblings and parents.

4. Set dates for accomplishments - this week (which I also need to realize doesn't start on Mondays) is to get my vitamin schedule down and start with the simple workout I found at least once a day.  Next week will be to get that workout in twice a day and get my meals and clothes set for the week.

5. I would like to lose weight, but believe that following loss of inches is better for the psyche, so I will go with 5lbs/mo to start and 4"/mo - wherever they may be.

For now I will break and will come back later to add more goals.



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