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No more excuses! Day 1


This is my sketch for day 1. I had no idea at first what I would draw, but I just started and it came to me. I don't have many art supplies right now and I have let that be an excuse to not make art at all. I also doubt myself a lot when it comes to visual arts. I enjoy it, but never saw myself as particularly good at it so I let that discourage me from being creative much at all in this area. Today I can say I found a little bit of that creativity. Despite the lack of materials I remembered I have a small journal I can use as a sketch book. I mainly just have markers, pens, and pencils, no paints. Digging through my pencil bag I found a pink and blue Hi-Liter. I never really thought of drawing with Hi-Liters but I always loved the way they looked and felt. Today I was drawn to them and let them move freely as I enjoyed the smoothness of each stroke. In the end this is what came out. I was surprised at how unique it is. It looks different from how most of my art has looked in the past. Maybe I'm more creative than I realized. I look forward to discovering my creative capabilities through this class and not giving into all the excuses anymore!

DAY 2 


Today for day 2 I drew from the hat and picked My Favorite Things. I thought of the flower and sunshine I saw today on my walk. It was super warm out and I saw my first flower of the spring. I took a picture of it and thought to draw from this picture. I used simple fiber tip markers. It was challenging to do shading but I like the way it turned out. 



This is my day three scetch. I did it in ten minutes. I didn't have a dice so I listened to a song to time it, but I still went over because I wasn't satisfied with it. The prompt I drew from the hat was words that inspire me. I didn't have time so this is what came to mind and I just went with it. I used gel pens that I just got. It was a new material and the time limit made it a little stressful. I'm not super happy with the outcome, but I like the feathers. That just sort of happened because of the imperfections of the pen. I ended up discovering some different textures because of the pen, so that was pretty cool. 



I can't figure out how to get this right side up but it works both ways. This is my day 4 sketch. I chose not to make the fortune teller for now, instead I just picked a place that I don't normally draw in which is anywhere outside of my room. I chose to work at the desk because I usually choose not to work at a desk, I think they are uncomfortable. The prompt I drew was flight. I pretty satisfied with how this turned out. I've never really drawn a picture like this so it's cool to see what I can do when I step out of my comfort zone. I'm more creative than I realized. At first it was a little cold at the desk and it was different not listening to music while drawing but I found it easier to focus  actually. It didn't take long for me to forget that I was sitting at a cold desk as I got lost in my art. I'm going to continue to step out of my comfort zone, it helps me be more creative. 


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