No escaping progress

No escaping progress - student project

No escaping progress - image 1 - student project


Before I begin my apologies for the terrible lighting, I don't have a scanner and I'm using a table lamp!


My world exists in an alternate reality where Alchemists exist much the same way that scientists do in ours. These alchemists create but with a price. There's a balance between wonder and horror things for convenience, luxury, health, even weaponry. Humans themselves don't possess magic as such but can harvest the qualities from creatures that do. It's a culture that dominates nature. 


Being a dangerous profession I envisioned a mobile sea fort that could move for several reasons. To move where needed to harvest or other favourable requirements. Secondly such knowledge equals power and there would be persons with a vested interest in keeping such things secret much as big businesses do and not being easily located or able to leave easily would help. 


I was inspired more by nature and shells specifically. This culture is heavily influenced by nature and shells are perfectly evolved pieces of mini architecture which I find fascinating. For the shell itself I was influenced by the colour of sea glass which are pretty shades or greed jade and honey. 


I created too many pages of sketching and note making to include in the project here but they key words I had in mind where: Fantasy, balance, Progress, beauty, hidden dark currents. I'm not very good at digital art at all! So Ive worked traditionally. Here's a pencil sketch before painting. 


No escaping progress - image 2 - student project


The image is split top half of the tower is buzzing with colour and magic, products of the hundreds of alchemists busying away! But the bottom hidden half also shows a reality, a truth. The sheer size of the shell-ship should indicate how technology advanced this civiliansation is. The harpooned creature indicating a fantasy element.  I also grey scaled the final piece: 


No escaping progress - image 3 - student project


Stylistically I wanted to keep the image a bit toony but I don't think it's worked. I feel it's still ended up with too much detail and I don't like the colouring of the top half of the image I don't think the two halves merged well as a whole image :( but I don't have the time to redo the image and will have to redo it again when I have more time. I prefer the image in greyscale to be honest but the flat colouring of the top half makes my eyes rain T_T


Overall this project gave my brain a workout, it's difficult trying to come up with a world that's original or believable but I had fun. Thank you for such a detailed and instructive class Ira!

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