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No Veg Left Behind

My project is about buying and selling ugly fruit and veg, and not letting it go to waste. I was inspired by hearing of Jordan Figueiredo in the US who "launched a one-man, social-media-fueled effort to make Americans fall in love with ugly fruits and veg."* I have also heard of other places getting into this like France and Stockholm. I decided this cause would be a good one to publicly get behind as the thought of food being thrown away for such a silly reason is shocking, and the cause already has traction.

At the moment this project will only go as far as me creating a poster supporting the need to cut down on food waste. I will then share it on my facebook page Lydia Wist Illustration and other social media platforms. If there is an opportunity to extend the project outside of this and actively change people's attitudes towards food I will definitely look into this. It would be amazing to really contribute to the cause.

 I took Beth's advice and googled some posters with the keyword "vintage" and things that interest me like coffee and travelling. I hope these posters will give me some inspiration for lettering and colour schemes.






Some quick sketches to get a feel for how it might look. My style sometimes leads to giving objects some kind of personality. When I drew these it was natural to give them expressions.



Experimenting with colour** using an aubergine as an example. I like to keep things very simple and not deviate a lot from how my oirginal line drawings look (that I do by hand with a black marker, then scan in). Although the image on the left does not show the deep purple/black colour of the veg as it is in real life I think its actually the stronger image of the two. (I can see this method opening up interesting compositions with overlapping line drawings). Anyone who has an opinion please share :)

**looking at others' projects yellow backgrounds seem to a be popular choice-it is a very eye-catching colour :)

*source: Ugly fruit & veg


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