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James Berkeley-

Freelance Photographer



No Tellin'

Hey guys,

Im James, 22 years old currently living in Mass. I chose No Tellin' by Drake as my song of choice for this project. This mixtap has been on repeat since it dropped, can't seem to get enough of it. Anways I recently just got out of the military this past August after serving 4 years out in El Paso, Texas -__-. I have always taking a liking for photography and finally just purchased my first DSLR about 2 months ago now. I've been following your page from the start and you're truly and inspiration to us all. This class has taught me a ton so far considering I have no past knowledge on how the camera operates, as well as how to use Lightroom. I truly enjoy grabbing my camera, walking around the city with my headphones on capturing life. Any feedback would be amazing, even if its negative lol I could use the constructive critcism. Anyways I had a fun time doing this project, and I hope you guys enjoy the photos.

Artist- Drake

Song- No Tellin'

Album- If Youre Reading This Its Too Late


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