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No-Skilled way to colorful emotions

Hi there.

First of all I have to give my apologies to all native English speakers. I’m from Russia, and my native language is Russian, as you correctly suggest. So, there is a great probability to meet multiple grammar, syntax and logical mistakes in the text bellow. And this project promises me to bring a double profit: English writing practice and Color Theory progress. So, you were warned, anyway.

So, let the movement start.

A little bit about myself. My name is Pavel. Last 4 years my job comes close to web development, so I can call myself programmer. And most of my action relate to code, software and hardware manipulation, not to drawing or photo editing. Even more, I have never felt myself an artist, but liked it always. Now I feel, that I must turn myself to that direction. And here I am - joined that color theory course :)

Day 1

Brainstorming with mindmap technique forwarded me to this picture (I don’t have scanner, so I’ve made photos with my phone, sorry for that):

I think, most of English speakers will not understand those hand written Russian letters, and even more the words. So I've spent pretty much time for searching any suitable and minimum comfort MindMapping applications for Mac. Unfortunately, that process took too much time, but it leads to better results, anyway. I've stopped on free version of SimpleMind and converted and translated all of my handwriting to digital form with that app's help. So you can observe it now in more convinient way:

Main idea was in creation of any FairyTale character. I started with that in my mind and put it as a root element of mindmap. The process you can see up there.

Next, I've chosen three emotions from the list. Since I'm not an artist and have very weak graphic visualization skills, emotions not very comlicated:

  • Worried
  • Fear
  • Joy

With that emotions in mind I've looked through all my mindmap topics and higlighted 7 of them:

And at this moment main idea for my whole project - to illustrate emotional situation for 4 inanimate characters from those highlited. One emotion, four characters, but pretty different situations.

So, main question is "Can I make it so, or it pretty close to Emoticons visualization"?


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