No Shirt Warrior!

1. Reach a weight of 165 lbs and 20% bodyfat by my annual physical on 6/6/13

2. Run the Warrior Dash SHIRTLESS on 7/27/13

3. Run a race > 5K this year (wanted the Boilermaker but registration is closed). 
4. Habit: get up every workout day for some exercise, even if it's not my full regular workout. 
1) got a buddy to run Warrior Dash with me (haven't told him about the shirtless plan yet) and signed up
2) signed up for the 15K Founders Day run
3) got MH 15 minute workouts from the library and made a workout plan:

Didn't get two workouts yet so I can't get the extra credit, but tomorrow AM is #2. 


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