No Reward Is Worth This!

Well THAT took a long while but was TOTALLY worth it!  Here are the different stages of the illustration.


Initial sketch.

The truth is that this was not the true inital sketch. There were several I did but this was the one I decided to go with. I wanted to do something different than all out action and angry faces. I wanted to take a specific moment from Episode IV : A New Hope and give it a slightly different look. It's as if this was take 13 out of 20 takes. Same scene but different angle. I also wanted to work on facial expressions. But for this sketch I just wanted to get the positions and directions down.


Each character here is placed in their own group and given a flat color. Also worked in the facial expressions. You've got Leia's smug look, Chewie's "what did you just call me!?" look on his face. Han's annoyed WTF face and Luke's dumdum face. He's just doesn't know what to make of this new girl. She so HOT!!  -__-  oh no.  Also, as a side note, I found that outline of the rifle on the internet and copied & pasted that bad boy in there!  It was 3:30 a.m. and I was just feeling too lazy to tackle that one!


This pretty much speaks for itself. All characters are still in their own groups.

Aaaaaaand the final. I tried to use everything I learned in the video along with a few things I picked up from other artists.

This was, by far, the best class on this type of technique I've seen. It was super easy to understand. I had been trying out coloring my artwork in this style for a little while now, wacthing videos on line. I even learned a lot from watching the Scarface short tutorial Patrick has on YouTube! But THIS RIGHT HERE!!??  Wonderful! I was so happy to see that you had a classes on Skillshare! Thanks so much.

Devonne Amos

You can find more of my works at Devonneamos.deviantart.com or  my Facebook page Facebook.com/devonneamosart


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