"No Regrets" Letter Project

Hello everyone!

Here is my first draft for my lettering project. Initially I was going to do a longer phrase, but decided to do a shorter, two-word phrase that has more meaning to me than a quote pulled from somewhere in my brain.

Not to get too sappy or into the story, the phrase comes from a tattoo my twin sister had that my parents did not know about until she was in the hospital. She passed away almost 4 years ago from a short bout with leukemia when we were 21, and ever since, our family and friends have used the phrase as the main memory point for what her life was all about, living without regrets!

I sketched a few things together in different "fonts" and ended up liking a simple script the best. I couldn't decide what else to add to the design, so for now, I decided to keep it simple and add to it in the future according to the feedback from my fellow classmates!



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