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Sova Huova

freelance illustrator and creative



No Rain, No Flowers

Hi Ana,

before I start I would like to say that the first online class with you changed my life. I realised that I could be an artist if I give it enough effort so now I'm working on it:)

1) Negative space - pink rain



2) Masking Fluid:

I think it's official: I really don't like working with masking fluid. This was so bad that I had to use markers to fix it. And I also don't like the texture of the paper - I used paper for mixed media and it wasn't a good choice. There's lot of gray mess and it's really difficult to get rid of it. I hope my next time will be better:)


3) White gouache over watercolors


4) Clud activity - Before a storm

I didn't have the round brush for this but I still liked creating the clouds as an evening meditation...


Thank you!


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