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No Power in The 'Verse

The Phrase

Continuing on from the first part of the course, I'm using my favourite Firefly quote: "no power in the Verse can stop me"

I really loved The First Steps of Hand-Lettering: Concept to Sketch (Lettering I) and can't wait to get some colour in to my drawing!

Scan, Digitise, Clean Up

After scanning and taking my drawing in to Illustrator, here is the traced and cleaned up version. I think it still has that hand drawn look and works pretty well. Now it's time for colour!


I've been playing about with colour options in Illustrator, which was a lot of fun. I used my mood board to pick and play around with them. What do you think?

I'm a little stuck on what version to choose as I do like them all. However, I'm leaning more towards the aqua and red as I'm totally obsessed with that colour scheme right now. Although I do like the red/blue. Aahh decisions!


So I'm going for the red and the blue, now it's time for texture! I created these with tissue paper loaded with paint, an ink pad dabbed all over the page and then dragged all over another. I also got some of my old ink pots out. It was a lot of fun.

Putting it All Together

So here it is, my final piece. I was going for the old poster look and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. Messing around with texture is something I always enjoyed at uni when painting and finding things to stick to canvas, but I never really thought to much about it digitally.

Finding new ways to think about my designs was why I started this course and it truly has made a difference. Thanks to all who commented and to the lovely Mary Kate for creating it and teaching me some new things!


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