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Claire Satera

Design + Letters



No Power in The 'Verse

It took a while to narrow it down, but I eventually decided to take one of my favourite Firefly quotes to get me started - No Power in the 'Verse Can Stop Me


Word Dump
Obviously the quote got me thinking about space and sci fi things, but it also brought a few textures to mind, possibly for a background idea



Mood Board
My word dump led to a whole load of inspirational images - starting with some 60's style space toys, to space pics to Star Trek illustrations and on to western movie posters. The perfect excuse to spend loads of time on Pinterest!

Feeling really excited about this course and my project, can't wait to get sketching!



Warm Up


I had some fun coming up with some sketches for my warm up. I tried to go for a 60's vibe in a couple of them, but I think my favourites have to be my blackletter and script. I'm not quite sure if I like any of them enough to use in my final so I guess I'll have to keep sketching and focus more on the styles in my mood board..



I've always been pretty good at swirls and curves and I put that down to having nothing but curves in my name, however straight letters have always been a problem. I've always found it more difficult to illustrate them and get creative with them, but I'm hoping to work on them with this course. Here's a few more doodles :)




I really wanted to get stuck in to thumbnails to try and get to grips with the style, something I've been struggling with in the warm up stages. I feel like I'm finally getting somewhere now and am super excited to get sketching.


I'm pretty excited about last two! I love the pic of the little toy ray guns found during my research and really want to include them in my composition. Inspiration for the last one was taken from a Star Trek poster. I loved how the colour block split the page and thought it would give a really cool sci fi look.

I love where my project is headed as it's a completely new style to me. Getting out of my comfort zone of swirls and curls is why I wanted to take this course and it's working!! Can't wait to get sketching the final composition.


Refining the Sketches

So here are my two favourite sketches tightened up. As much as I love the little ray guns, I'm leaning more towards the second sketch. It's got more of a poster look and feels more 'Trekish' to me. I know my quote is from Firefly, but I love the retro feel this one has with the steep angles of the text. I'm also getting a sense of how I want the colours to work now too.



I'll keep a hold of my little ray guns though for another project, they could be really fun for another Firefly or sci fi quote. Will try out a few embellishments for the background for the second sketch, however I think it needs to stay quite simple in order to keep it's message.


Doodling 2




I know it isn't anything to do with my final design, but I did some sketching tonight and thought I'd share. The first one is a sketch with my shiny, new brush pen and then outlined in a 0.2mm fine liner. The second is an idea I've been playing with for a while as a possible birthday present for my brother this year. What do you think?


Final Sketch


So here it is, my final sketch. All ready for the second Lettering course. I was a little rough with the pen lines as it was my first time tracing directly with the pen. It felt pretty good though, will hopefully get better at it over time.

Now it's time to start the second course and get digital!


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