No Pen Tool Used

No Pen Tool Used - student project

Hello, I'm done with my project for this class. To practice to use other tools than the pen/pencil tool was very helpful - because some shape are really faster and easier to create with the other techniques thought in this class. Super helpful and a great learning experience.

My result - Little Baby Pattern

No Pen Tool Used - image 1 - student project

























  • Background made with "Zig Zack" and "Offset Path" and effect "Feather"
  • Little baby objects made with ellipses and rectangles
    • Warp --> arc tool 
    • Live Corners
    • Intersect and Combine --> Live Corners
    • Stroke and Width-Tool


  1. The segments of the ball were the hardest - would loved to use the pen tool, but managed to do it with ellipses and "arc"
  2. Live Corners are the key learning! Amazing!


Regards and happy learning

Toni (@ohneweiteres)

Toni Ludwig
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