Michelle Goggins

I love to sew, draw and make stuff!



No Pen Tool Allowed!

I enjoyed this class a lot!  I hadn't usedthe live corners much, plus had never even considered turning a stroke into a shape! 

I started with this sketch:


Here's what I used to create this cow:

Ellipse:  body, top of head, ears, eyes, nostrils, chin
Arc:  eyelashes (turned into shapes, combined with ellipse to create eye)
Rectangle:  Lower part of head, nose - rounded corners & direct selection to get the odd shapes)
Line segment:  Legs (which I then turned into a shape & combined with the body)
Triangle:  Tufts of hair
Blob Brush:  used "paint inside" to create the hooves

I had a lot of fun with making this cow doodle!  (or is it a Moodle?)  This was a super, fun class which makes you think outside the box.  Everything was so well explained, and I loved the last video, watching Hayden's entire process for creating his character.  Wonderful! 



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