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Michael McLachlan

NML Worldwide Owner




Brand Name: No Man's Land Clothing Club

Mission Statement:  Preserve & Cultivate



BACK STORY: This is not a clothing company, it is a clothing club.  Until now, no brand has excersized its right to freely associate.  How many times have you witnessed an amazing new brand grow into a horrible monster?  If you saw a person wearing Stussy in the eighties or early ninties you could bet dollars to donuts that person was a trend setting innovator.  If you saw someone wearing Supreme up into the early 2000s you could safely assume the same.  Now, you can't take 5 steps in NYC without seeing a red box logo on the head of some poorly dressed late adapter.  This club seeks to ratify this problem.

COMMUNICATION:  This club is much like the final clubs you may find at Harvard or Yale.  Where, while it is very exclusive and a longshot for most people to get in, once you are in, you recieve a leg up on everybody who did not.  This is not just about the clothing, it is about opening communication between those trend setting, innovators.  Artists, musicians, athletes, cinematographers, etc. will all be connected through this club, and further more can be assured that these fellow members are of a high calibur.  Much like how you originally needed a email address to log into facebook, on our website, which will have a social element, will require you to be a member to access it and any clothing the company produces. 

ADMISSION:  Simply put, real recognize real.  A simple questionaire will be given to any who apply, referances will be checked, and upon comfirmation that you are who you say you are (a dedicated innovator), you will be given membership to the club.


yours truly,

Michael McLachlan

CADs and Samples: 

* All NML products are made in the USA or Canada by people who are paid a fair wage and treated with respect.

Fall Line, Drop 1 of 2

Theme:  Localism

S/S Tees:

T-Shirt Back Details:

S/S Pocket Tee:

Crewneck Fleece: COMING SOON

Pulllover Hooded Fleece:


Anorak Jacket:

Bomber Jacket:


Camp Caps:




Website Concept: COMIING SOON

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Peace and love,

Michael McLachlan


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