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No Limit To Your Imagination

First of all, I'm really excited to practice my visual storytelling. Making videos has always been something I've struggled with (the word "rendering" haunts my dreams), but I really enjoyed watching PES's process and being inspired by it. 

I want to make a 4-6 second clip that can be viewed on Vine, Instagram, and/or Facebook. I had one idea that kept sticking with me but I decided to try and sketch a few out just to see what my options were (sorry for the crappy phone picture). These are my two favorites:

#1: The first storyline is essentially a blank canvas laying out in the grass. Different natural objects "dance" into the scene: a tomato, flowers, a piece of bark, etc. A paintbrush scoops up the color from the different objects and uses those colors to paint the canvas. (I haven't decided what they should "paint" yet, but I'm leaning toward something NOT in nature. That way it's more about using nature as inspiration to *innovate* in our modern world, rather than just using a flower to paint a flower, for example).

This idea really sticks with me because so many artists are inspired by nature. It represents literally taking certain elements of nature (in this case, color) and using them in your art. Then I might close the short film with the "punchline" - something like, "There's no limit to your imagination".

#2: This idea is more of a marketing piece for an annual golf tournament my organization, the VEF, sponsors to raise awareness/interest. It's very simple. Spin around a golf ball and tee. Stop on the logo on the golf ball. Ball gets hit by a golf club and comes straight for the camera - BANG! Glass cracks and you hear someone mumble an apology. 

I quickly realized getting the effect of broken glass like I imagined it was going to be really difficult and... possibly very sharp. For my first project, I should probably do something simpler. So I thought about having it knock over the camera instead. 

For now, I've decided to go forward with the nature/paint/creativity piece. It speaks to me on a more personal level, and I have most of the objects that I need in order to be able to do it now. I went on a bit of a nature hike around my apartment and, after stealing a few neighbors flowers and getting into a bit of a confrontation with a bee, this is what I was able to collect:

I found an assortment of greens, lots of different flowers, and some fruits/veggies from my own supply to get a fairly wide range of colors. I wanted to give myself lots of options, but I will probably end up with bark for brown, one of the flowers, one fruit, one vegetable, one leaf. Maybe five objects in total. I don't want the composition to get too busy.

I can see it in my head and I'm getting kind of excited. I might be able to start a rough draft of shooting either this afternoon or tomorrow, but we'll see. I better hurry up or all my freshly picked flowers will wilt!

I would LOVE any feedback. Which items should I use for the different colors? Is there any way to simplify the idea? How many natural elements should I use? And what should I paint on that damn canvas? 


I'm figuring out composition and how I want the objects to move into the screen, so I didn't bother doing it outside yet, where the light source is uncontrollable (clouds... yay) and it's bloody hot. I'm having problems with the camera focusing since there's just a big white spot in the middle and it's not sure what to focus on without a paint brush or something to latch onto. And the light is still a bit finicky because I'm relying on some natural light (and ALL the lights on in the house... yet it still looks too dark). And my flowers are starting to wilt, lol. I'll have to find something heartier when I get down to shooting outside.

Here's a GIF:


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