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Brad Zuckerman

Founder/Creative Director at No Harm No Fowl



No Harm No Fowl

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Brad Zuckerman     Oakland, California

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No Harm No Fowl

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No Harm No Fowl was created for those that live outside the norm. Being different is not only acceptable, it's the only way to be. 

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No Harm No Fowl was started out of my desire and my drive to be different from those around me. Since a very young age, I always "marched to the beat of my own drummer" and did things my way. I dressed how I wanted. This is the same attitude that I am bringing into NHNF. The fact that it is not only acceptable to be different, it is the only way I can imagine being. You have to be true to yourself, before you can be true to anyone else. NHNF is pushing the idea that its ok to be who you are and be proud of being a little different than the "norm".


The logo represents all those that are different than the standard. It features a duck that is unique in its own right, and thrives because of it.  These are the ideals that No Harm No Fowl was founded on.



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