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Nick Lee

Founder/Creative Director at No Fly Zone Clothing



No Fly Zone - Limit the Skies

Mission Statement

No Fly Zone (NFZ) Clothing is a streetwear company that uses designs to depict social "No Fly Zones” that are not readily discussed in everyday conversation.

We don’t promote a particular lifestyle or idea. Through strong character branding, bold colors, and simple designs, NFZ clothing aims to start a conversation. Our goal is to bring social issues to light, empowering people to connect with each other and take collective action.


"Limit the Skies"

We want to engage our customers in social issues, so that we can better understand ourselves and one another. We're starting a movement to better understand humanity in hopes of reaching the skies, or humanity's full potential. On that day, we will "Limit the Skies" and know no bounds.


The "No Fly Zone - Limit the Skies" designs have a militaria theme centered around the Zombie Pilot logo. We keep the wordmark simple to keep the focus on the designs.

Logo Mockups: billboard, shirt, car, and lapel pins

Giving back to society

We honor our mission statement in featuring a specific charity or cause with each seasonal collection. Instead of pledging a percentage of our profits, we aim to spark action directly from our customers. However, each season, we will choose a charity or cause that relates to the theme of the entire collection and provide opportunities for our staff and customers to give back.

Giving back to our customers

In order to give back to our customers, we will offer a NFZ Frequent Flyer rewards card for purchases made through our website and at our brick-and-mortar stores. Our customers will receive points for every dollar spent at NFZ or donated to an associated charity or cause. Like airline rewards, there will be three tiers of the NFZ Frequent Flyer card: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Each tier has its own collectible and limited edition NFZ lapel pin, exclusive products, and exclusive stickers.

Frequent Flyer tiered lapel pins


Every aspect of No Fly Zone Clothing is designed to raise awareness and spark action. Our goal is to make all NFZ products here in the USA. If the goal is to change humanity as a whole, we must first start at home and assist American businesses to set us in the right direction.

The shirt labels all have the Zombie Pilot logo to brand the company under one image. The backs of the shirts all have the pilot logo in between the shoulder blades. Because not every consumer will know what NFZ Clothing is about, our zombie hangtags will feature our mission statement. The hangtag has a removeable sticker, which reveals the mission statement underneath. 

The shirt label (displays the Zombie Pilot on the front side and the Zombie logo on the under side)

The logo between the shoulder blades

The hangtag

Pre-Emptive Strike Collection

“Pre-Emptive Strike” was an initial release collection with shirts featuring the Zombie Pilot logo. The shoot had a 50's Rockabilly theme (think Grease), looking back to a time of recovery and tension. The world had mostly recovered from the aftermath of World War II, but conflict was still looming. With the Korean War and the beginning of the Space Race, the 1950's saw the end of a world war and feared a new enemy, Communism. These shots were taken in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

A total of six designs make up the collection of fifteen pieces: thirteen t-shirts, one crewneck sweater, and one varsity jacket. 

The "Limit the Skies" t-shirt features the No Fly Zone Zombie Pilot on a white, gray, and black t-shirt.

The "Limit the Skies" t-shirt in the stealth camo colorway.

The "Limit the Skies" t-shirt in the woodland camo colorway on a white and gray t-shirt.

The "Limit the Skies" crewneck sweater.

The "On its Axis" t-shirt inspired by Joe Rosenthal's Raising the Second Flag on Iwo Jima. The Zombie Pilot sits atop the globe with the American flag tattered, yet still waving. The zombies below the globe are the WWII Axis leaders: Tojo, Hitler, and Mussolini.

The "Dough Boy" t-shirt features a World War II United States infantry soldier on a white, gray, and black t-shirt. The term, "doughboy," was an informal reference to a soldier in the United States Army. 

The "Allied Peace Rosary" t-shirt features symbols for the Allied forces: the United States, United Kingdom, and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR).

The "Allied Assault" pattern t-shirt features symbols for the Allied forces on a white and black t-shirt. The design wraps around the shirt. 

The No Fly Zone varsity jacket features large scale patches and Allied star stitching.

Future Releases

NFZ utilizes a more playful and colorful rendition of a Zombie and a Robot. The Zombie represents past events. In setting our sights on moving humanity forward, one cannot simply look to the past. The Robot character was created to represent current and future events.

This design titled, "Fatman, Lil' Boy," depicts two Zombies fused together to represent the atrocities of the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Fatman and Little Boy were the codenames of the bombs that hit those respective cities.

This design titled, "Rock 'em, Sock'em," playfully depicts two Robot figures that represent the tension between North and South Korea. The Blue Robot represents the Democratic South Korea and the Red Robot represents the once Communist (now totalitarian) North Korea.

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"Limit the Skies"

-Nick Lee
NFZ Clothing
Founder/Creative Director


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