No Excuses!!!

No Excuses!!! - student project

Fitness Action Plan

1. PURPOSE- Get Fit Without a Gym Membership
2. About Me

No Excuses!!! - image 1 - student project

Yep, that's me! At least, that's me about 5 years ago. The whole outfit must've weighed at least 20 pounds...I was SO sore, but it was so worth it. 

          My Name is Nichole, I’m 25 years old, and partially disabled. A little over a year ago I injured my dominant wrist/hand. For a while, I was working, but the doctor’s decided that I was hurting myself much more by staying on the job, so I’ve been out of work since October 2012. I’ve been slowly sinking into depression since my accident, and being pulled out of work really escalated that quite a bit. The bright spot in my days is the weekends when I get to go pick up my son (he’ll be 6 in February) from his dad’s house. Our weekends together are fast-paced and fun-filled. But when he’s not around…most days I just sit around, lacking the energy or motivation to do anything at all. Which leads us to:

         a. My Goals

                  1. Get Mentally Motivated
                           i. Set goals…Hey, I’m doing that right now!
                           ii. Ask friends for help
                           iii. Use My Fitocracy Network
                           iv. Level Up!
                           v. Tell on myself when I’m not doing well
                  2. Higher Energy Levels
                           i. Be aware of what I’m eating
                           ii. Find a way to make it healthier
                                    1. Add fruit
                                    2. Grilled instead of deep-fried
                                    3. Etc.
                          iii. Drink more water
                          iv. Drink juice instead of soda (There's very little fruit in my diet...this is a start)
                          v. Ask for other ideas - Yeah you! I'm asking you! Post a comment!

                  3. Hey…Sexy Lady!
                           i. Lose fat – Don’t focus on weight
                                    1. Use cardio
                                             a. Wii Fit
                                             b. Exercise Videos
                                    2. Target Areas:
                                             a. Belly
                                             b. Thighs
                           ii. Build muscle – Just a little, not a lot
                                    1. Strength training
                                             a. Wii Fit
                                             b. Dumbbell exercises
                                             c. Sit-ups, Leg Lifts, Squats, etc.
                                    2. Target Areas
                                             a. Abs
                                             b. Legs
                                             c. Arms
                                                      i. Consult Doctor before doing anything with right hand.
                  4. Run a 5k – for fun or for charity
                           i. Go for a long walk multiple times a week
                           ii. Start the C25k Program
                           iii. Pick a 5k Goal to stay focused on
                                    1. Warrior Run?
                                    2. Other Options?
                           iv. Finish the 5k
                           v. Finish another 5k – don’t be last
                           vi. Finish another 5k with a better time than before
                           vii. Repeat
                  5. Ride My Bike Again
                           i. Wait until my legs are stronger
                           ii. Start slow – blowing out my knee again won’t help
                           iii. Stop if ANYTHING hurts
                           iv. Increase distance over time – in small increments

         b. Measure My Progress
                  1. Tape measure for body measurements
                  2. Stop watch to keep track of how long I’ve worked out
                  3. Googlemaps to track distance traveled
                  4. Fitocracy for recording all of the above

         c. Keep Updating Goals List
                  1. Add new and relevant goals
                  2. Cross things off if I’ve accomplished them
                  3. Get more specific – add numbers!
                           i. Inches
                           ii. Distances
                           iii. Times

3. Start date – Today! January 16th, 2013


Progress Report:

January 24, 2013 - 

The last week has been extremely busy for me, so my focus has been more on making healthier choices about food, taking the stairs instead of elevators, and things like that. If I catch a moment alone, I do a couple of stretches, but I haven't had time to get in a proper workout with everything that's been going on. Good thing there's more to getting healthy than just exercising. Making a conscious effort to make smarter choices has been pretty good for me. I'm exhausted by everything that's been going on, but I feel good....physically and mentally. I'm not used to feeling good about myself, but this is definitely something I'd like to get used to!

A few days ago I had a friend donate an entire case of protein shakes that he doesn't drink anymore (he burned out on the flavor after drinking 3 cases, or so I'm told). They aren't delicious, but they aren't horrible either, so I'm quite grateful to have them! Lunch today was steamed snowpeas and rice. I wouldn't have considered that a meal a few weeks ago, but it was actually quite good! Now I'm off to complete my first real workout in days...this should be fun!

No Excuses!!! - image 2 - student project

Lunch! It was yummier than it looks!