No Clue....

No Clue.... - student project

No Clue.... - image 1 - student project

Ok, so really... I have no clue yet. I just know I want to do something colorful, fun, and abstract that moves to music in an awesome way. It will likely be way over my head and not come out nearly as cool as I imagine--but I will give it my best shot!  I have to be done by Tuesday too since I'm taking off for 10 days and won't have access to a computer. Fun!  :D


May 6 update...

I got back in town on Saturday and, as suspected did not get a chance to work on the project at all so got to work right away with testing different elements with the sound track I chose. It took me until late Sunday to realize I was not going to be able to get close to finishing using the 2:55 comp length I started with, so I spent a good part of today just re-composing the sound tracks to get them down to a manageable 36 sec. There's so much I don't like about the animation I have at this point that I'm kinda embarassed to display it, but definitely value constructive critique so please feel free to have at it. Just remember it's a work in progress. C:

Apparently you can't upload video on this site, so it's in the upload process at