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No Clique


Our Story:

Our team consists of 3 people, Chris (myself), Jon, and Danny. I was always into art and drawing growing up when I was young. In elementry school I was the new kid. I noticed Jon could draw well and took the opportunity to befriend him and now 15 years later we remained great friends. It came natural for me to approach him to start a brand with me. Danny is also another long time friend who I met in middle school. The key as to why our partnership works so well is because Jon and Danny both have different tastes and two different ways of thinking and approaching situations. I am more even-keel so I can see the best and worst in both sides. It keeps everything balanced and prevents anyone of us from overpowering one another. Sure at times we all may argue and get on each others nerves but after we take a step back and see what we are trying to accomplish we become more focused. I have chosen my team well and we will continue to expand and bring our vision to you. Nothing easy is worth it and nothing worth it is easy.

Brand Story:

No Clique is a men's street wear clothing brand originating from Long Island, New York. We are taught from a young age to be a dreamer and do what it takes to make our dreams a reality. As we get older we become more and more constricted. We're told to choose paths, be a certain way, and get lost in the system. We promote self-actualization and the courage to be able to stand up and change our lives. We will not be defined. We belong to no clique. Leave the herd


We'd focus most of our attention on facebook. Well, because everyone is on facebook. Our demographic is young adult males interested in streetwear, music, footwear, art, and social movements. We'd start our facebook campaign with jab after jab of articles, photographs, and trending topics directed towards those interests. During this time we can build an audience base interested in our story. After we develop our following we'll start throwing hooks. We'll promote our products in relation to fan favorite posts. This will allow us to seemginly jab and hook simultaneously. Facebook's ad promotion perks will help propel our efforts greatly cementing Facebook as our focal point platform. From here we can branch our core audience to start following our Instagram and then our twitter. Gradually moving our followers into our brand's niche. We believe this will create loyal customers because we will be offering them more than a brand, we'll be offering them a lifestyle. 


Instagram will come in as mentioned above. Our instagram won't consist of only product photographs. We will use instagram to jab as well. Our posts will ask for our followers input and show them glimpses of what goes on behind the product. 


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