No Angel


My primary audience are between the ages of 17-25. Readers who enjoy a erotic romance with a hint of mystery. I want my readers to be able to not only relate but possibly understand who my characters are and why they are that way. It's only available to read on Wattpad on my profile @ Leozilla.

Description: Abbie Wellington has hit rock-bottom: no job, no money and no security. Not to mention she is living with her sister and her sister's fiance. Trying to seek something to get her on her feet, she is introduced to a world way out of her comfort zone, Boy Toys: an exclusive escort and sexual favors service run by Mr. and Mrs. Kingston, infamous due to the recent disappearance of an employee. Abbie soon finds herself in a whirlwind of seductive affairs with big name bosses, college boys and dangerous situations. And with every passing hour getting closer to the mystery behind the "boy toy" before her. Will she find freedom, love or is there something darker in store?

Here is the prologue:

HIS MOUTH WAS AGAPE and his tongue swiped between his lips and teeth.

"Take off your clothes," He ordered and I did. I stood still, tucking my hands under the hemline of my nightgown and lifting it up over my head, tossing it to the side. He watched me carefully while undoing his tie. Not even a "hello" or "good morning". Not that I expected him to be so inviting. Just thought he would be more cautious, considering this is our first meeting.

I knew he was someone big,important and rich. His briefcase placed beside the door had his initials engraved on the handle. His suit was Armani and reeked of Calvin Klein cologne. His stubble was clean cut and brown locks parted to one side. He was another client, probably with a wife and child at home, looking for fun on the side. Big, rich and important but not unique.

Madame Kingston said to keep these kinds interested:"Make him forget about that wife of his and make him want you more."

Once he got his tie off and unbuttoned his shirt a little, he stepped a little closer. I maintained eye contact, keeping a small seductive smile on my face while backing up til the back of my knees felt the velvet touch of the loveseat. I sat down while the stranger stood above me staring down at me and combing my hair with his hands. My hands crept to the Ralph Lauren belt staring back at me and unbuckled the front buckle.

"So you're the new Angel?" He asked, lifting my head up with a single finger. I stopped and stared up at his devilish grin. As if he wasn't creepy enough.

I smiled," I have no idea what you're talking about sir."

He chuckled,"Of course you do."



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