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No ©orpnation

James you're great!  Thanks for reminding me about this kind of type.  I used to make hand process hand screened gigposters, but stopped doing that for a couple of years because seriously, screen printing hurts your body!  Anyway, here's a few old pieces I did for clients that I dig in terms of type:

Concert poster for (band) Beirut, Paris, FR

Concert poster for Calexico, LA, CA

Concert poster for Red Red Meat, Chicago, IL

I traditionally worked with Cel-vinyl on transparent mylar, various brushes and exacto's to apply/detract. That last one is alot of rubylith work too.

I never used tape or carved into a marker head, but its all got me into getting into my studio and messing around.

Thanks for the re-introduction!  Looking forward to posting inspiration and digging into it...Gina


A friend recently asked me to organize a political poster show with him, and it reminded me of this old slogan idea I used to have but never did anything with.  'No ©orpnation without representation'...

so I'm thinking I'll try and develop that...grabbed an old thumbnail from ages ago when I first thought of it.  Probably not going to stay with many of the components here, though Ben might stick around...this was a digital thought, exploring this will totally be hand everything...


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