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Putting the magic in marketing.




A bit about myself and my idea:

Nivo.me is a company that is based out of the bay area. It was an idea that my friend and I had in 2006, but because of competition getting to market first and the fact that we were busy with college we scrapped the idea. In 2011 our cometition was purchased by a company and then shut down. Now we are in the hunt to see if the idea is still valid and if the users of the competitiors product would still need something like Nivo.me. 

What is Nivo.me:

Nivo.me is a scheduling application that syncs with your existing calendar/s and social event listings like Facebook events, Meetup events, and evites. 


  • It eliminates double-bookings, time zone mishaps and the back-and-forth of finding a time to meet.
  • Easily schedule meetings, inside or outside your organization; no matter what calendar/scheduling system you use.
  • Invite others to schedule with you, without having to sign up.
  • Easily share your availability with anyone.

Currently, I am using the validation board to validate the idea, find beta users, and develop features that people will actually want. 


Let me know what you guys think.


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