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I love this class! I've learned so many things that I think most would miss, things I'd never think to research. I've watched the leasons over three days and quickly tried the things in each episode. On day three I got my inspiration (I've learned that I should watch most of the courses one time first to better absorb, and to get the big picture) and felt comfortable with starting my project. This is my second project ever and almost the first week of learning illustrator, and I'm so very glad that I picked this course this early on, it will help with the headaches and the bad form and habits one is bound to pick up.

I'm not very trained in thinking up scenes on my own, and got a bit scared seeing how nice everyone else was doing on that part. So to get started at all I picked a picture of myself as a first template. Did the basic shapes (with only the pen tool, which I thought would be insanely hard, but I noticed that I got better almost every hour, very satisfying! ).

I have not followed the intended workflow, but I have it in mind and will use it when done with in a couple of smaller skillshare-projects, and I am thinking that I will get more ideas along the way (not using only pre-existing pictures). Of course I am at least doing my own interpretation of the shapes and feeling of it all (so it's more an inspirational patchwork of things I like):

I scaled it down when I saw that the background needed more space, so glad that I didn't just draw inside of the artboard. Great tip! Second up I added another template:

I haven't used the draw inside tool, I'll need to practice more on that today, but I am really happy that I know of it -- I wanted it to be there but couldn't find it (and my friends didn't even know about it).

I've added some shadows (not in the exact final location, but just to get the feeling right), and gradients on the sky, a outerglow on the lamps and yeah, 

I will add more perspective with more houses and a street. I'm going to think up a way to make a great big fire with smoke in the buildings to the right. And add details that suggests that the city is breaking apart, perhaps is it a futuristic dystopian piece (I know I should've thought about all this in the beginning, I will try that later on). 

Apart from the shadows being a bit weird, and the hands not finished:

tell me if you have any thoughts -- even if you think some things are bad! I can take it :) 


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