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Ninja Badges

A big thanks to Jennifer for her suggestions! The badges are now starting to feel a whole lot more cohesive and the ninjas stand out way more!

So here are the four finals together. I had to go back and alter the first two ninjas to suit the last two who looked slimmer and more athletic. I also added the coloured borders to make it feel more fun. I like the way that the ninjas are in all sorts off different locations which for my website means that we provide service (and help!) no matter where the clients aren't. Would love feedback for final tweaks...

Badge number 3: Strategy ... The crafty ninja know the best ways to attack each each job...

Progress has started on badge #2. I have tried to keep consistency with the colours, perspective, stars, lamp posts etc. I quite like the way they are turning out but the ninjas have a bit of a different feel to them so I think I will revisit this issue once the other badges are made and I have a firm idea of where I am heading.

I have started added in extra beckground detail (gosh this takes a long time!) and I am starting to feel like I am at a point where I can start on some of the other badges:

I didn't really feel like the shape of the above badge was working because it was too vertical so I have started to change the background into a scene. Still heaps to add including shadows, stars etc but here is the new direction:

Still a long way off but this is where I am at so far:

Hello Everyone,

Is started my mind map (which turned into 3) by writing down everything that I thought of:

But the one that appealed to me the most was the Ninja badges. My partner and I own an apparel printing company which we are in the process of renaming 'Print Ninja' so I thought it would be cool to create a series of badges that represented our 'Ninja-like' attributes i.e. fast, flexible etc:

I have started a few quick sketches so hopefully I can add more as the day goes on:

Thinking it might be cool to put them infront of a shuriken shape or something?

Ok ... so I have a few more rough sketches. I am leaning towards the Ninja Characters as opposed to the elements (just because they are more fun). Here are a few more:


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