Ninja 2.0

Hi everyone! My name is Kerry and this is a comic I cooked up just for this class. It seemed like a fun concept so I thought I'd run with it. Love to get feedback on the story, characters, etc!

Sorry for the pictures - I don't have a scanner yet so my camera phone will have to do for now.


This story takes place in an alternate world where ninjas exist and run the criminal underworld as elite assassins for hire. Corrupted by generations of greed and power, long-standing ninja traditions have long been distorted for personal benefit. We take a deeper look at not only the inner workings of this crime organization, but also at what happens when traditions are turned upside down by one stubborn young ninja.


Name: Chloe Tanaka - Sales Associate @ J. Crew


  • Daughter of a Ninja Mob Boss, well-trained and an elite fighter
  • However, she is forbidden to participate or inherit the family business due to tradition
  • Instead, her father demanded that she "live a normal life" and get married
  • Being very headstrong, Chloe starts a competing "Ninja for Hire" business with her best childhood friend - Tomo aka Tom
  • This ninja business centers around one top-notch freelance ninja available for assassinations
  • Following tradition, everyone including clients and Chloe's dad, believes that this new ninja in town is a man...
  • ....but really it's Chloe in disguise

UPDATE 1: I added some more "spice" to Chloe's ninja outfit - complete with bare biceps, hood/neck wrap, ninja gear belt, wrist wraps, cutoff gloves, knee pads, and boots. And of course, a ninja sword. 

Supporting Character:

Name: Tomo "Tom" Nakamura - Engineering Student


  • Best childhood friends with Chloe
  • Brought up in the same ninja community as Chloe
  • Showed some ninja talent as a child but only enough to be a mid-tier ninja
  • Instead of developing his ninja talent, Tom focused on his other "smarts" and went to college to studying engineering and business
  • He's also had a huge crush on Chloe since they were kids


For the introduction of the actual story / characters, the initial challenge would be to convince "the industry" that the new ninja on the block is legit - particularly Chloe's dad. However, after becoming more established, Chloe would get a very big opportunity - from a mysterious suited man who works for mysterious employers.

The ACTION script works the best with the story of Chloe's first big ninja job. When the job ends up being different than advertised - potentially involving the deaths of innocents, Chloe's morality stays her hand, leading to very unsatisfied customers who are willing to do anything to get the job done. Thus Tom finds himself kidnapped and about to be tortured....

Rough Paneling of the Action Script:


So I decided to take another crack at the rough paneling and here's what I came up with:

So I transferred the rough paneling into digital since that's how i normally finalize drawings. I still have to add in word bubbles and sound effects - but here's what I've done so far! 

Comments welcome!


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