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It has been a long and bumpy road, but I did it. Well, sort of.

Hello friends,

this is my part for the challenge For the Love of Lettering. My first hand lettering work and even my first project here on SKILLSHARE. I was and I still am struggling with a lack of steady hand. But practise helps a lot.


I mean, you should practise every day. You can always find a time if you really want to. And I know what I am saying, it is 2 am now. I am sleepy, but feeling good.


It is a bit messy, but I do love tracing paper, where would I be without my tracing paper …

Even tho I still feel a bit more comfortable with vectors than with my own shaky hand. As you can see in detail.


It is a bit smudgy, but it works just fine for the tracing and polishing. After that, it is time for brush pen.


And finally some bezier love in Glyphs app.



I was not sure if there is enough contrast between light and heavy parts of the type, so I made two versions. 


I still like the light version more, but the heavy one feels better, tho it still needs a lot of work and polishing. 



Made a few small changes of the bezier curves, it should look a bit cleaner now. Also, I had to change background color, because it started to look like a Milka ad. 


Thank you all for all the inspiration and dedication boost, I would not finish without your help and of course, thanks to you Matt for this lovely class :)


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