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Nik Ska workflow

I'm running a small motion design studio and organisation is the key since we all work remotely. We're working on our own project management solutions, but mainly using Trello as an easy way to organize all work tasks. So, I'm already using most of GTD's techniques.

I'll try to improve my organization skills on this course. My scores on the test are pretty good as far as I can judje.

Day 1. Never heard of Todoist. Up to this day I've used quite uncomfortable Evernote's checklists. Never again.

Started a project in trello for personal tasks.

Downloaded the GTD book on my Kindle.

Day 2. Things is really clumsy so I'd stick with Trello + Todoist. Areas of responsibility is a great concept that I already have implemented in Trello.

Day 3. Wife has become much more satisfied with home tasks being actually executed, not forgotten :-)

Day 5. GTD is a good idea, but one shouldn't really take it seriously like a religion of some kind. You brain SHOULD have some open loops, this is how it actually works. So I'm not really going to follow all the advices from this course and/or "Getting Things Done" book since I'm not that comfortable with the idea of becoming a productivity crunching creativeless monster. Anyway, thanks for this course, it's been interesting to listen to the "Uber productiive" people.


GTD is a conception that could have been born in the USA only. If you really want to stay humane, then do not blindly follow this relatively new movement. Stop and think of how your brain actually works and read for example "Autopilot. Art and Science of Doing Nothing".

Todoist is somehow good for tasks, though not when you're working in a team. If there is at least two people involved, you should shift your focus to project-management solutions like Trello, Podio etc. And if your company is not using this kind of software of using some kind of lame system then find another job.

Leave Todoist for personal projects, like going shopping or not forgetting to pay the bills. It is quite good at this job.

Evernote is great for storing information, but it has no use for project management. It's like programming in Notepad. Sure you CAN do it and , but you would be a fool to refuse modern IDEs or at least Sublime Text.


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