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Nigro Family Crest

My family as it currently exists is down to just 8 members, so I wanted to create a crest that meant something to all of them.

I also wanted to include our parrot Satchmo, who has been around almost as long as my brother and I, and who has become the 9th member of our family. 

Biking is a big part of my family, so I started looking at older bike badges for shapes.

Some early explorations.

Evolution of Satchmo.

Final crest

8 stripes for the 8 surviving members, 2 stars for the one who went off and got married to somebody named Starr. Satchmo was (jokingily?) named heir to all goods once a family member passes, making him top dog (bird). States where members currently reside. My art teacher would have loved all that symbolism. 

On a shirt because everybody loves shirts.

This project was a ton of fun, I look forward to tweaking this even more in the future.


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