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Nightvale Librarian

In Welcome to Nightvale (a podcast), librarians are dangerous and otherwordly creatures.  Descriptions of them are not super specific, but they include multiple eyes and tentacles. I had originally envisioned them as something amphibian, fat and slimy, or something arachnid.  But I tried different looks based on various critters.

I am not comfortable with drawing digitally, unfortunately.

I did try making some different shapes on photoshop (I don't have a recent version, so my brush shapes are limited).  That resulted in me looking at somethign with feathers or frills.

I like the feathery neck and head, so I tried some differnent heads.

I don't have warp on my photoshop, so I used some other tools to try distorting heads.  Also, the random shapes I tried are on this page:

: I'm pretty settled on a bird-like head but I'm not sure about the body.  Probably will go with something dinosaur-like but with tentacle arms.

edit: I haven't been able to watch the other videos, but I did get a chance to sketch a little more while looking at some references of turkey heads.


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