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Joao Vitor Grilo

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Nightime in São Paulo's countryside

Hello, I'm João, an astrophotographer wannabe and I'll share with you my experience on my attempts.

A year ago I had no idea on how to take those stunning star/milky way pictures, this were all I could achieve, by reading random posts about the subject on the Internet:

This picture was taken in Bauru - SP, in a prohibited farm, near the Alameda Quality Center mall.

After attending Ian's class, I gave another chance this past weekend.

I researched about the moonrise and I was lucky: no moon untill 3 a.m.; and my friend invited me to his ranch in Pompeia for a typical june party we attend here in Brazil. It was a perfect chance to shoot the sky.

Unfortunately, I'm not able to upload the original pictures here because the file is too big, even in jpeg. (any suggestions on how to keep it under 2mb?)

Here are the final and edited result:

I have the basic-regular Canon 18-55mm f3.5, (I use a Canon Rebel T4i) but this didn't stop my enthusiasm. I can see how the noises are visible in larger files, but honestly, I thought the result was pretty decent.

Here's another shot:

(it's posted in a very low quality, for Skillshare's parameters to upload photos)

I'm looking forward to composition with light painting. When I do it, I'll definetely post here.

Thank you!


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