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Hi everyone, I've been trying to develop my own style of editing so this project was perfect practise really.

im on instagram too, my account is @tomhodgkiss. I've just started photography really so trying to improve the content.

I was driving around my village (I live in a village just outside of Newcastle, England) and spotted this Bently parked outside of an old (and I think now unused) store. I liked the contrast between the new and expensive bently against the old and distressed background. 



Edit 1


from the raw image i could tell I wanted to create more contrast between the car and background, I first warmed it up abit as it was quite blue and I wanted it to feel older with more orange/rust. I then upped the exposure and contrast to try and make the car pop, also increasing the clarity to sharpen the image and make give it more mood as it was raining. I cropped a little too.

edit 2



To further the proccess I played aorund with upping the vibrance and decresing the saturation along with increasing shadow and lowering highlights, upping whites and darkening blacks to try and create more mood.




For my final image I played around with the tone curve, and added a little grain, I like the faded look which I also think adds character to the image especially the background. I also played again with the crop, leaving the tattoo shop in as I feel it adds to the image, giving an idea of the area and the comparison to the car. I found it difficult to get the straightening I liked as the car was on a slight bank. I also played with individual colour saturation and vibrance, trying to make the background colours look worn out.

I like the idea that the overall image tell a story of either someone who has made it out of the streets, or known in the streets.


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