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             NightOutGifts allows customers to gift a night of dinner, entertainment, and dessert to family and friends. Through our website people can purchase a NightOut of any value (typically $75-$200) to be spent at any of our partners’ establishments. The website thus works to serve both those purchasing a NightOut (the gifter) and those looking to redeem the vouchers for a NightOut that they were given (the recipient). Customers can easily purchase a NightOut and will be given the option of designing the date themselves or simply providing the funds for the recipients to allocate.

              While one could simply give cash or a credit gift card, we strive to create a more personal gift where the recipients must put the money towards an enjoyable evening that they might not otherwise experience. Conversely one could give individual gift cards (i.e. to restaurants, movie theaters, etc.), but our website allows for flexibility as the recipients may be in the mood for any number of different food/entertainment options on a given night. We pride ourselves on partnering with local establishments whose quality products we stand behind. Coupled with our seamless “Design-A-Date” format, this personalizes the gift that we offer at NightOutGifts. This is a marketspace niche that we feel is underrepresented, especially on the local scale, which gives our product a more personal feel and sets us apart from our competitors’.

                Customers will not pay a discounted rate for the NightOut funds that they purchase, but will not incur a surcharge either. While customers are given discounts with some of our competitors, there are no other websites that provide the level of quality (i.e. we only work with locally-owned restaurants) or intimate professionalism (i.e. our “Design-A-Date” section) that we do. Venues that we partner with give us a discounted rate for their goods and services in exchange for the patrons we bring them that would otherwise not come through the door. Thus, it is through the marketing we provide for our vendors that we receive our revenue. This is a beneficial, risk-free agreement for our partners as they only pay when new customers (NightOut recipients) come through their door. Also, since they are not discounting for the customer they do not face the prospect of product devaluation normally associated with discounts.

User Stories:

As a young adult, I want to buy my parents an anniversary gift, but don't know where they like to go out.

As an adult, I need to find a gift for my brother and sister-in-law, but I procrastinated and don't have time to ship anything.

As the parent of a college student, I want to send my child a care package and get them off campus for a night.

As a restaurant/theater owner, I want to fill empty seats at my establishment and get my name out there without discounting because I don't want to devalue my product.

Wizard of Oz:

NightOut recipients will make their plan and give us the itinerary for their night with a breakdown of how they would like to allocate their funds (i.e. $100 NightOut = $25 for movie theater + $75 for dinner at specific restaurant). We send them activation codes for each place that can be redeemed for that value. We then pass this information along to the movie theater and restaurant with their cut of the revenue (dollar amount less our percentage).

Lego Pieces Shortlist:

squarespace - I like the unique, classy templates and it seems to have the best support system in place according to reviews.

wufoo - Fooled around on this form-builder and I love the versatility.

99designs - Creating a logo is expensive, but necessary to building brand recognition. Haven't decided if this will be part of the MVP or not.

looking for a good place to get quality royalty-free stock photos for my website at a low price. any suggestions?


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