Night | Skillshare Projects

Adam Trest

Mississippi Artist/Illustrator




I have LOVED getting to know zines. As an art teacher, this medium has allowed me to see how much my kids have retained. I made their final exam become a zine that had to tell the upcoming class what they could expect from me and my expectations. They wrote about what they learned, whether they liked it or not, some of them even showed me that I could have spent a little more time on a few lessons. My rule with them from the begining was that I would not sensor what they had to say, and I would not count off on content. This zine represented their voice, and I wanted to hear what they had to say.


In my personal work, zines have allowed me to play with some concepts of story, knowing that I only have a maximum of 8 frames to figure out a sequence of events.


In this zine, I changed the orientation of the folds for a more vertical layout. I really enjoy the "zoom" feel it took on.


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