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Night time look

Hi. I'm Paula Souzza. Brazilian. 29 years old. And completely crazy for make up stuffs and I love to be a Makeup Artist. 
I live here for 3 years. And when I left my country I came to study and make the difference in others lifes. I was a Teacher. PorTuguese TEacher. So, my life changed when I step on this country. Every things happens and I had to move a lot. 

So, I always was Crazy about makeup sinse Brazil. And I diced to get some special course, and I did it. 

Today I stil teaching but now I'm teaching makeup to others Brazilians Women that lives here. So, I'm Not very very very good yet. But I want to be. 

I really love what I do. Because I do it with love. And help others women that need to believe their selfs beauty. I have been working hard to give back for many woman that lost their self esteem. 
I really like it!

Every day is a big challenge for me. I have to overcome the challenges because the language and culture and other things. But I will win one day! 
So I'm here today to learn more and more with you guys.

Thanks so much for this opportunity and sorry my English isnt perfect. lol


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