Night in the Desert

I made this in response to the 'desert modernism' challenge on spoonflower, but despite the prompt it is not a particularly modernist pattern so I don't know if it will do well. The components were inspired by plants and vessels in my area (Los Angeles), at the Huntington desert garden in Pasadena, the Rancho Santa Ana Botanical Garden in Claremont, and by various plants, pots, and glassware, in my grandmother's house. 

I used Artrage 5 to paint the components including the background, and then used Photoshop and Project Paras to move them around & create the repeat. I found the plug-in to be slow and difficult to use, likely because my computer is:

  • A. 8 years old, limping along, and doesn't have the processing capability to handle the gig-plus documents that the combo of ArtRage and the plug-in created
  • B. It was being randomly shut down because, when I made this pattern, the breaker box at my house was sparking and melting and being repaired by the electrician. Thank God we rent!

Anyway, every time I tried to save the document and go back into it, I couldn't access the original Paras repeat so I couldn't update it and as a result I have 5 huge documents from my attempts to work on the pattern during power outages. 

5f6251dfThe half-drop repeat does not work in photoshop pattern fill (only on Spoonflower), so my mockups only show the standard grid pattern, which I think is weaker. 


I love that this cat looks just like my Siamese mix, Whisper :)


Here it is in half-drop, as wallpaper.


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