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Night Walkers crew crest

For this project I've chosen something different than my family crest. I decided to make a badge for my Night Walkers crew - friends with which I often walk at night in the forest and mountains when the moon is full :) (There is one more crest like this in the class. It's not an accident – Adam is in the same crew as me :) )

I thought it will get more exciting this way because on my family crest there would be “pierogi” in all four squares ;P. I think my mother is in the same crew that your grandma was Aaron – a secret circle of ladies that make the best “pierogi” in the world! :)

Back to the project – here is my moodboard. Once we have found a deer head, so it's definitely very important part:


After looking at a few crest/badge designs on pinterest I sketch out some ideas:


Then I found something very inspiring and I wanted to do something similar. Quite a challenge, I know, but it just looks so cool!


And my sketch after that:


I placed my sketch in illustrator and vectorize the most important parts. After some time of doing that I realized that there is probably not enough time to make it as awesome as the designs above. After looking at other people's crest designs I got inspired by simplicity of some of them and I decided to take it easy ;)


After the most important part was made, I added a few details, some flourishes around, change colors to red and added some distress.


I'm really happy with the results I got and I met my deadline!

Thanks Aaron for this awesome class!


Thanx Anton for your feedback. I've fixed the "g" stroke weight - looks much better now!



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