Renae Domigan

Freelance Graphic Designer and Illustrator



Night Sky Alphabet

Hello Everyone,

I have had so much fun during this class and have learnt a wide range of new skills. I loved how this class had very descriptive videos. This class is great for any creative soul or professional designer.

I started off by choosing my font. I didn’t want to start with a really detailed font so I chose ‘Arial Black’. This font was super modern and bold, easy to trace and fill. I was really impressed with how colourful and vibrant the alphabet turned out.


I then uploaded my alphabet to Adobe Illustrator and began to edit. I found the videos provided really helpful when it came to the technical skills of digitally editing the alphabet. When I zoomed in on the edited results I was amazing by the beauty in the colours.


After editing my letters I constructed my favourite words. FEEL GREAT TODAY. I really loved this saying because no matter what type of day you are having it will always lift the mood. I also really like the end result and I was happy with all of the skills I had learnt during this class.


I recommend this class to everyone and hope that my process has inspired others.

Thanks so much Amarilys Henderson for this wonderful class.


By Renae Domigan


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