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Alex Johnson

Co-Founder of Grit Design



Night Lights

The Start

I wanted to try more of a scene rather than something abstract, so I started with a building at nighttime. 


Simple Duplication

I then duplicated it a few times and changed the scale and positioning


Day/Night Sequence

For this one I tried a night and day sequence and I rotated a few of the buildings to make it more random without much work.


Unique-sequence Duplication with Moon

I really just liked the moon so here's multiple buildings with the moon and the buildings pop on and off. The buildings all have different sequences this time as well, but I think the buildings popping on and off make the animation less mesmerizing... too jumpy to me. 


Final Product

Here's where I finished. All 5 buildings have different looping sequences and the moon is phasing from new to full and back forever. I think it turned out pretty mesmerizing albeit more realistic and definitely keeps my attention longer than all of the previous versions. 


Thanks for taking a look!


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