Night Light

Night Light - student project

Thank you for the class, this is the first time I tried cross hatching, I am usually not very patient ;-), but I like how this turned out.


Output: The Plan for my illustration was to create a project for this class that I can upload, so I din't need a huge canvas (2048x1536px).

Style: Try out cross hatching and some of the brushes mentioned in the class, plus include some lighting effects.

Elements: I liked the idea of a mushroom house, so I deconstructed that into a mushroom and a house and wanted to play around with proportions.



 Night Light - image 1 - student project


Detailed sketch:

Night Light - image 2 - student project 


Flat color:

 Night Light - image 3 - student project


Shadows, highlights and some more texture:

 Night Light - image 4 - student project


and the process video exported from procreate: