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Night Fish.

I have always liked Louie CK since the beginning, I want to do an illustration of him but I don't want to do a straight forward portrait.  I see him as a mordern day Shakespeare.... hence the costume, not sure if it works.  Feedbacks are welcome.  Process, I did the pencil sketch then Chinese brush.  I did the head, costume and font separtely then combined them in photoshop.

This is an illustration illustrating a certain aspect of parenthood.  I followed Ms Shimizu method of sketching with pencil small, scan it and a blow it up a little bit, trace it roughly on a roungh watercolor paper (300 lb coldpress)  and proceed with a good quality Chinese brush.This is a story I got froma 4 yrs old friend and I am attempting to illustrate it.  I have done traditional Chinese paintings before but never quite able integrate the technique into my illustration work.   But I would like to try.


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